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10-Year-Old 'Slave' Rescued From Home Of Hyderabad Techies



  1. Police free young girl who was “bought” by couple for Rs 10,000
  2. Child said she was brought in to work, was not given food on time
  3. After she was caught talking, they tied her up

A 10-year-old child has been rescued from the home of a techie couple in Hyderabad today. She had allegedly been bought for Rs 10,000 from Maharashtra to care for their two young children.

A video shot by an activist shows the child in the balcony answering questions in Hindi. She says she was brought in to work, is beaten and not given food on time.

Later the child was reported to have been kept tied inside allegedly as punishment after she was caught talking from the balcony of the apartment to a passer-by.

The couple Raghuram and Sangeetha claimed they had brought her to Hyderabad for treatment and not for domestic work.

”We brought her only about a week ago for medical treatment in the teeth and asthma,” Sangeetha has claimed. ”Her father will come in four days and take her away.”

The girl has told the police she was provided only one meal a day and was kept prisoner.

Neighbours alerted an activist to her plight. The police then showed up at the house to free her.