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BJP Legislator From Jammu Leads Protest Demanding The Ban Of 'Momos'

Jammu:  A BJP legislator led a protest rally yesterday against popular street food ‘Momos’ and demanded a ban on its sale. Ramesh Arora, a BJP MLC, who launched the campaign about a fortnight ago, said that ‘Momos’ (dumplings) were “more dangerous than alcohol and psychotropic drugs”.

In the presence of over 100 people, the activists carried an effigy with slogans such as ‘Momos – silent killer’ and ‘Momos – slow death’ written on it. They marched through the city centre in Jammu to “make people aware about its dangerous health implications”.

momo ban protest jammu

Over 100 people were present in the protest that demanded the ban of ‘Momos’

Momos‘ have become the new go-to street food across northern and eastern India. In Jammu, there has been a high growth of Momo-selling outlets due to a high demand for the snack.

Talking about its “harmful health effects”, BJP legislator Ramesh Arora said, “Ajinomoto (monosodium glutamate) used in the recipe for making Momos to enhance its taste is harmful to health and can even cause cancer. They have been found to be the root cause of several life-threatening diseases,” Mr Arora said.

bjp mlc jammu ramesh arora

BJP legislator Ramesh Arora led a protest demanding a ban on ‘Momos’ due to its “harmful health effects”

Speaking about his campaign, the legislator said, “I will continue to campaign for it till the government of India and the state government take a call to ban its sale. It is killing our young generations,” he claimed.

He also claimed that the popular street food had a negative impact on Indian food culture, while posing dangerous health implications for people.