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'Deeply Concerned': India On Recent Chinese Actions In Sikkim Sector

India has said it is “deeply concerned” about China’s road building activities in Doklam and asked China to observe restraint. The foreign ministry said China’s road construction in Sikkim sector represents a “significant change of status quo with serious security implications for India”.  

China’s People’s Liberation Army is building a road in Doklam area, where there is a territorial dispute between China and Bhutan. The area — located at a tri-junction of India, Tibet and Bhutan – is currently under Chinese control.

While Bhutan has lodged formal objections with the Chinese government, the foreign ministry said Indian personnel, who were present at general area Doka La, “approached the Chinese construction party and urged them to desist from changing the status quo”. The matter has simultaneously been taken up on a diplomatic level with the Chinese government.

Yesterday, Beijing had alleged that Indian border troops had crossed the boundary in the Sikkim sector and entered Chinese territory. It had virtually accused India of having a “hidden agenda” — hinting that New Delhi was trying to stop it from building the road on Bhutan’s behalf.