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Goddess Durga Sparkles In Gold In 2 Kolkata Pujas

Kolkata:  Two heavyweight Durga Puja committees in Kolkata have adorned their idols with gold jewellery weighing several kilograms.

While the Sreebhumi Sporting Club used gold in the crowns of deities, the Santosh Mitra Square puja committee went for a saree made of the yellow metal for Goddess Durga.

The Sreebhumi Sporting Club puja was inaugurated by chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

“In Sreebhumi Sporting Club, it is more of a filigree with fine gold wires. The crowns of all the gods resemble those of warriors and that complements the ‘Bahubali’ theme that Sreebhumi has chosen as its presentation this year,” said an official of a jewellery house that decked up the idols with gold.

He said the craftsmen of the company had worked on the ornamentation for over two months.

In Santosh Mitra Square, a gold saree is draping Goddess Durga.

“The saree of Goddess Durga is entirely made of gold with zari work put in between by craftsmen of a reputed jewellery brand,” fashion designer Agnimitra Paul, who has designed the costumes of the Goddess and her progeny, said.

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The idol of Goddess Durga at the Santosh Mitra Square Puja in Kolkata’s Sealdah, draped in a gold saree

“We have used more than 20 kgs of gold to craft a beautiful sari with intricate embroidery with designs of flowers, birds, animals. There is also minakaari work,” Ms Paul said.

She said for over two-and-half months, the artisans worked to put to shape her vision.

“The dresses of the other idols and Mahisasura are however fabric-based.”