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Guard Rents Classroom To 2, Manish Sisodia Finds It In Late-Night Raid

New Delhi:  During a late-night raid at a government-run school in Delhi’s Kalyanpuri, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was surprised to find men’s shirts, shorts and other garments drying on benches, a bag containing carpenter’s tools, utensils, gas stove and other items strewn on the floor of a classroom.

Further investigation revealed that the school’s security guard had rented the room to two persons, who had been living there for a few months. The two would check in after school hours and move out before the school opened for the day. At the time of the raid, the duo were found cooking their dinner inside the classroom.

After the AAP leader got information about the illegal agreement, he decided to visit the school himself. Two men have been arrested so far.

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia tweeted about the raid last night, “When we demanded to know why he did so, the guard said that he is paid only for an 8-hour shift, but he is made to work for 24 hours which is why he rented the room.”

As the team found sharp objects like hand saw, chisel, clamps, hammer etc in the room, Mr Sisodia called it a gross negligence by school authorities and emphasised that compromise on safety of students will not be tolerated.

All the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools in the national capital are run by the BJP.