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Moments That Led To Stampede In Mumbai Caught In Mobile Phone Video

Mumbai:  Extremely disturbing visuals after a stampede that killed 22 people at a bridge connecting two busy train stations – Parel and Elphinstone Road – in Mumbai showed a pile of bodies on the narrow stairs and people hanging precariously onto a railing.

One man was seen jumping off as bodies strained against the railing. At a closer look, men and women stuck in the pile appeared lifeless, their arms limp.

Visuals taken moments before on mobile phones showed a massive crowd trying to climb down the bridge after four trains arrived at the same time. Some men were seen climbing out to escape the crush and hanging on to the railings.

Those who watched the crowd shouted in alarm, perhaps sensing a tragedy about to happen.

The stampede reportedly started when, after a sudden heavy downpour, a few in the crowd slipped.

The bridge was already overcrowded after the rain and many commuters had taken shelter there.

The tragedy took place shortly before Railway Minister Piyush Goyal reached Mumbai to launch new services.

Angry commuters and residents said they had been demanding more bridges for years, as this narrow overbridge was not strong enough to take the growing crowds at two of Mumbai’s busiest train stations.