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Narendra Modi In Gujarat Live: Last PM To Visit Rajkot Was Morarji Desai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in Gujarat for a two-day visit, is addressing a rally in Rajkot.

Here are the live updates of PM Narendra Modi in Rajkot:

  • The last PM to visit Rajkot was Morarji Desai, nearly 40 years ago.
  • Rajkot has a very special place in my life. If Rajkot had not elected me and sent me to Gandhinagar, I may never have come to Delhi.
  • My political career started in Rajkot. And I will never forget the love Rajkot has showered upon me.
  • I once again bow my head down before the people of Rajkot.
  • When NDA MPs chose me as their leader, when I was chosen PM-candidate.
  • The government of India is a government that is fully dedicated to the poor of the nation.
  • I have seen many families and mothers who were blessed with a divyang child… the parents shower that child with so much love.
  • It is our responsibility, as a nation, to take care of divyangs.
  • I remember watching so many people who have contributed so much to help divyangs in Rajkot, in Gujarat.
  • Once I formed a government, I decided to pass a divyang child with 25 marks in an examination instead of the usual 33.
  • By choosing the word ‘divyang‘, I did not complete my job.
  • You can see that someone is communicating with divyang people here using sign language.. They are telling them what I’m saying.
  • I also noticed that interpretation for such people in Tamil Nadu was different, in Gujarat was different.
  • We decided to introduce a uniform sign language for divyangs to ensure they can communicate easily in any part of India.