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No Money For Fee, Medical Student Has Been Home For A Year, Needs Help

B Sukanya, a 23-year-old medical student is shattered. With no money to pay her college fees, she has not been attending classes for more than a year. Her father, a Dalit farmer, sold 20 acres of his farmland five years ago, to send his only daughter to a private medical college in Coimbatore, to fulfill his dream to see her as a doctor.

But four years ago, Sukanya’s father, Baskar, died in a road accident. Now, after completing two years of study, the young woman’s family does not have the money to support her studies. Sukanya still has two and a half years of studies to complete and requires Rs 20 lakh towards her fees to earn her MBBS degree.

Sukanya says her family lives in a rented home and nobody offers them a loan as they don’t have any property to pledge. She now seeks help, or even a loan to get back to college. 

b sukanya tn dalit girl

Sukanya’s father, Baskar, died in a road accident four years ago.

“I can pay back in two to three years. The situation is too critical. I can’t go for another course also as we don’t have the money … I love to help the poor who can’t afford medical care. That was my father’s dream too – to help the helpless,” Sukanya tells NDTV. 

Her mother B Sathya, who used to be a housewife, now earns Rs 10,000 a month by working for a private firm.

“She has been at home for a year and a half. We tried all possible things. Finally we are asking the government,” says her mother.

To make ends meet, Sukanya’s 72-year-old grandfather K Chinniah too works as a security guard and makes Rs 6,000 per month. Folding his hands, and in tears, he adds, “Someone should help. If I too die they would become orphans.”

With time running out, Sukanya’s hoping against hope that help would reach her to fulfil her father’s dream of serving others as a doctor.

If you would like to help Sukanya, you can make a contribution here:

Name: Suganya G B
Bank: Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
Acc No: 364100050301698
IFSC: TMBL0000364