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On 3rd Anniversary Of Mann Ki Baat, PM Says He Kept People At Its Centre

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said Mann ki Baat has helped integrate every section of society and the volume of feedback he got from the people has helped the government. As the monthly radio address of the Prime Minister completed three years today, PM Modi said he has always tried to keep the focus on the people.

“In Mann Ki Baat, I have always tried to keep in mind what Acharya Vinoba Bhabe has said – ‘a-Sarkari is asarkari’,” the Prime Minister said. The Hindi words roughly translate as “anything kept out of the government’s ambit is effective”. “Through Mann ki Baat, I have also made an effort to keep the people of this nation at the centre”.

Mann ki Baat, he said, is an “an effective way to showcase the strengths of India”. Over the last three years the Prime Minister has spoken of the causes dear to his heart – cleanliness mission, women, development and the people’s participation, which, he said can catapult the nation forward.

“I get so much feedback for Mann Ki Baat. Naturally, I am not able to refer to all of it, but the inputs given help us in the government,” he said.

Over the last two years, the Prime Minister has consistently sought suggestions and feedback from the people on a range of issues.  He had frequently referred to the responses, named the senders and expressed his thanks for their views.

This year, ahead of Independence Day, he had asked the people about the subjects he should focus on during his address to the nation. He received more than 8000 suggestions. He had even kept his address short, in response to people’s complaint that the  Independence Day speeches were “a little too long”.