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'PM, Keep Your Promise Or Leave': Angry Farmers Protest In Bengaluru

Bengaluru:  The Kisan Mukti Yatra, a nationwide protest announced by 175 farmers’ organisations across the country, has completed the final leg of their South India agitation.

Around 200 farmers participating in the programme gathered in Bengaluru in Karnataka on Saturday, concluding the eight day-protest march in South India. The farmer protest has already covered Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Speaking to representatives from farmer groups, BM Singh, Convenor of All India Kisan Sanghursh said, “(PM Narendra) Modi had said he cannot implement the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission . Why did he promise to do so? Farmers will come together to say -keep your promise or leave.”

Swaraj India Party President Yogendra Yadav was also part of the gathering in Bengaluru. “Every day, during the rally, we heard stories of grief. Some parts of Karnataka have been witnessing drought for third straight year in a row. Farmers have been cheated not only by nature – but by prices,” said Mr Yadav, one of the leaders of the movement.

Farmer crisis in Karnataka is not different from the rest of the country. Thousands of farmers in the state are under severe debt following lack of government support.

“We are not getting a support price. We have taken debts and are suffering because of that,” Venkatappa, a farmer from Malur in Karnataka, complained.

The Kisan Mukti Yatra was launched in July to provide a platform to farmers groups to present various issues that are crippling parts of the farming community.

The All India Kisan Sanghursh – organisers of the yatra – plan to have a mega protest in Delhi on November 20th.