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Protests Across India Vs Mob Attacks, 4 New Arrests In Junaid Khan Case

New Delhi:  Four men have been arrested today for the stabbing on a train of teenager Junaid Khan by a mob armed with knives. One man, identified only as Ramesh, had been arrested by the Haryana police over the weekend. The mob that attacked Junaid, 16, after accusing him and his companions of carrying beef in his bags, was made up of about 20 people, Junaid’s relatives have said.

The lynching of Junaid Khan has triggered national protests today – in different cities, people are marching as part of a campaign called “‘Not In My Name” to call for an end to the recent spate of mob attacks, some of which have been undertaken by self-declared cow vigilantes who accused the victims of carrying or eating beef.

Junaid Khan was traveling home from Delhi to his village of Ballabgarh in Haryana on Thursday with his brother and two cousins when the mob turned on them.

Between 15 and 20 men pulled out knives and set upon the brothers while making anti-Muslim comments and insisting one of the packets they were carrying contained beef, Junaid Khan’s brother, Haseeb, has said. 

Yesterday, Haseeb Khan was shown security camera footage of three men riding a bike in the village where Junaid Khan was thrown off the train, about 30 kms from Delhi. One of the bikers had a bloodied bandage wrapped around his head, which led the police to believe he may be linked to the deadly assault.

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has described Junaid Khan’s killing as “extremely painful and shameful” and said the government will not tolerate such attacks.