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Rajnath Singh Hails Sushma Swaraj's UN Speech

New Delhi:  Home Minister Rajnath Singh today congratulated External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj for her “powerful” speech at the UN General Assembly saying she has “exposed” Pakistan’s duplicity on terrorism.

Addressing the UN general assembly, Ms Swaraj asked Pakistan’s leaders to introspect as to why India is recognised as a global IT superpower while Pakistan is infamous as the “pre-eminent export factory for terror”.

“Her (Swaraj’s) measured responses in spite of provocations speak volumes of her maturity and tenacity. She has exposed Pakistan’s duplicity on terrorism,” he said in a tweet.

The external affairs minister accused Pakistan of waging a war against India and said a country that has been the world’s greatest exporter of havoc, death and inhumanity became a champion of hypocrisy by preaching about humanity from this podium.