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US Photographer Who Shot Mexico Quake In 1985 Hurt In 2017's

Mexico City:  US photojournalist Wesley Bocxe, a veteran of Time and Newsweek who made a name shooting an earthquake that devastated Mexico in 1985, was badly hurt in the country’s September 19 quake, according to colleagues.

Bocxe’s work for the Reuters news agency in the 1985 quake catapulted him on a career that took him around the world covering major stories including the Gulf and Balkans wars in the 1990s.

He later retired from photojournalism and moved to Mexico City, where he set up a boutique firm selling high-end equipment bags to photographers.

Bocxe, 57, was in his Mexico City apartment with his wife when the 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck on September 19 — the same date as the 1985 quake.

They tried to reach the rooftop, but the building collapsed beneath them, killing Bocxe’s wife and leaving him badly injured. Rescue workers found him in the rubble with broken arms, legs and ribs, a collapsed lung and wounds to the head.

Colleagues from Mexico and the United States plan to sell signed prints of their work at auction in Mexico City on October 17 as a fundraiser to help him.

“All photographers in Mexico and abroad are invited to participate with a work for the PhotosForWesley auction,” they said in a statement.

Bocxe has a five-year-old daughter who was at school and escaped uninjured from the quake, which killed more than 350 people.

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